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Welcome to The Fo’c’sle

Nova Scotia’s Oldest Pub

Our story began a long, long time ago. Some say it was in 1761, others believe it was 1769. What we know about the Fo’c’sle is part legend, part rumour, and written by those who have passed through our doors.

The liars-table for members only
A plaque on the Focsle bar "bullshit corner"

Our Story

Located in the unique seaside community of Chester, the Fo’c’sle is open year round offering a fun, relaxed vibe with a lively buzz. Affectionately known as Chester’s living room, we invite you to stop by for good drinks, good food, and good times among friends. 

Step into Chester’s Living Room.

If these walls could talk, oh the stories they would tell. Generation upon generation have passed through our doors, leaving their mark and unique history etched into the walls.

Nestled in the heart of Chester

Experience all the charm our seaside village has to offer. Join us for delicious comfort food, local beverages, and a good time.

A porthole hanging on the wall of the focsle with a painting inside it